A Downloadable Income Spreadsheet for Freelance Businesses

Track the metrics for multiple revenue streams and identify conversion and earning trends

KSmith Media, LLC income spreadsheet for freelancers; photo © 2015 KSmith Media, LLC

Freelance writers and internet marketers know the name of the game of prosperity--multiple streams of income. Just keeping up with it all can be a full time job all in itself. To keep up with it I created a nifty spreadsheet (see the screenshot above).

It may not be flashy or sexy but it does a good job of tracking income; it is important to know which parts of your campaign are working and which ones are not. It can also give you an insight into seasonal patterns.

Highlights of the Income Spreadsheet

The Excel spreadsheet is easy to use. Across the top are the names of my primary revenue sources; you can rename them with your own. Vertically on the left hand side are the days of the month; don't confuse these with the line numbers.

There are two vertical columns on the right hand side. The "Total" column is the total for the day across all revenue streams and the "Cumulative" column is the sum of all income up to that day in the given month.

Horizontally across the bottom are two rows, "Total" and "Avg". Total is the running sum for that particular revenue stream and Avg is the daily average for that stream. It is easy to see at a glance which streams are performing better over time. Some streams may have fewer conversions but represent an overall higher rate of pay.

Here’s the income spreadsheet download link. Click on the link and select “Save File”. It’s a good idea keep the original and make a copy. Rename the copy and use it for this year. Next January you can make another copy from the original for the new year.

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